Alumni Puzzle Hunt

Welcome to the Caltech Alumni Puzzle Hunt Website!


May 25, 2017 - Note to 2017 puzzlers: We only have one puzzle this year, rather than a full puzzle hunt. (We forgot to note this in the Techer magazine.) You may still check answers and requests hints to LIGO, and feel free to try last year's hunt if you didn't participate previously.

Feb 2 - This year's hunt is now over, and solutions have now been posted! Thanks to everyone for playing! (The automated answer submission system will remain up but we will no longer be manually monitoring answer submissions.)

Jan 29 - Hint 3 has now been released! Good luck teams!

Jan 22 - Hint 2 for the metapuzzle has now been released!

Jan 16 - Hint 1 for the metapuzzle has now been released!

Jan 9 - All puzzles have now been released!

Jan 1 - Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM before starting the puzzles so that we can keep track of progress and send you updates related to the hunt.

The 2016 Hunt will run from January 1 through January 31st!